Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Beginner golf players often have trouble selecting the perfect golf driver. The best golf drivers for beginners commonly follow the general rule that more forgiveness in the shot is better for learning players. These drivers also include two major aspects: a huge size and high loft. Oversized drivers, which can range up to 580 cubic centimeters, provide larger margins of error; that is, they have a larger sweet spot. High lofts determine just how high and far the ball will go with each hit. Again, operating at the extremes, size and loft produce the concept of forgiveness until the player is more experienced. Here are the best golf drivers for beginners that are perfectly designed for forgiveness.

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The Command Q4 Titanium Driver comes in both 10.5 and 12 degrees, but many are considering the 10.5 degree to be the better for beginners. Although its club head is only 400 cubic centimeters, this driver is completely customizable, with six total different weight configurations. Many reviews of the Command Q4 Titanium Driver cite its “straight” qualities; that is, the ball rarely strays left or right. This makes driving practice with this club perfect. In general, this driver is popular because of the weight configuration options; players can be sure that they play with a weight that they feel comfortable with. There are other drivers that have heads of up to the legal limit of 460 cubic centimeters, however.

Another driver you might want to look into is the Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver. Cleveland Golf offers this driver in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 degrees. The head size is at today’s industry standard: 460 cubic centimeters. The company also offers a full range of flex levels. As a beginner, you should look into a relatively flexible shaft to get started; the extra strength will be beneficial. Industry reviews of the Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver are mostly positive, citing the driver‘s general feel and straight shots. I would choose this driver over the Command Q4 because of the availability of flex levels and larger club head over a set flex level and smaller club head.

There are much better drivers out here, but many of them are simply out of a reasonable price range. The Command Q4 and Cleveland HiBore XLS are great for starters. If you do not have the funds to purchase either of those, it is rumored that buying some used drivers are just as good; most people do not wear out their clubs to the point where quality is highly questionable. You just need to remember that the main goals in finding the best golf drivers for beginners include large club head size, relative flexibility, and a high degree loft. These will provide the best training for beginners.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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